About Me

Hi, my name is Lara, I live in the frozen Canadian tundra of Alberta, and I feel a great amount of pressure to sell myself on here like on a dating website.

“I love hiking, eating healthy, classical literature and finding new ways to better myself!”

Of course, that is all lies. I actually love trashy reality television, processed cheese, and day naps. But most of all, I love traveling. When I was just a tiny little chub ball, my parents started to show me the world. They had me living abroad, road-tripping, and beach-bumming all before my awkward teenage years hit.

I had an awesome life growing up but I eventually started to feel out of place, like something was missing. As a reward for graduating high school relatively unscathed and un-pregnated, my dad took me on my first trip to Southeast Asia, and I haven’t stopped plotting my escapes since. When I travel, everything falls into place. I’m confident, driven, as clumsy as ever (but I pull it off), and everything just makes sense. It’s like I’m the cool kid and I can sit at any lunch table I want. My twenty-one years on earth have seen me to twenty-two countries, and I have fallen a little bit in love with each one.

When I’m not off gallivanting, I’m at home living my glamorous double life. A sweatpants-wearing Communications student during the day, and a food stain-wearing waitress by night. Despite all of the snark, I love what I am studying and know I’m at the right place. Those four month vacations aren’t so shabby either. And that my friends, is pretty much me in a nutshell!

P.S. If you ever see a lanky blonde woman doing one of the following on your travels, come say hi because you have definitely found me.

  1. Carrying a backpack overflowing with empty Doritos bags.
  2. Explaining to strangers that it counts as one glass of wine if you just stick a straw right in the bottle.
  3. Ruining a nice photo opportunity by doing a power-lunge pose.